We manufacture steel constructions
for telecommunications

If you are looking for a reliable, flexible and quick supplier, you have come to the right place. We design and manufacture steel constructions and custom-made metal parts, we just shape iron according to your wishes.

About us

We are a well-coordinated team with a family atmosphere and sense of fair play and we can be quick, flexible and at the same time precise in processing commissions maybe even thanks to this. We are a proof that even a company with a relaxed atmosphere can be highly efficient and function professionally. This factor and technical equipment of high quality allow us to produce nearly all metal constructions of excellent quality. We are able to manage projects in a complex way, including logistics

Thanks to membership and strategical partnership with Suntel Group and its capital, we are a stable and trustworthy company with ambitions to become a respected supplier of metal constructions in Central Europe.

Why cooperate with us

We provide everything which keeps aerial systems in the air, that means special holders, consoles, booms, crampons, stiffeners, stirrups, but we are not afraid of serial production and we also offer our own mobile towers and certified harnesses. We can satisfy high requirements of our customers to have high quality of metals parts for telecommunications, machining, constructions, and agriculture. Cooperate with us and we will do everything to make you satisfied.



We manufacture nearly everything according to your requirements.



We pay attention to the quality of the work and we focus on details.



We always follow project deadlines. We work with both 2D and 3D data.



We are faster than our competitors.



We are a well-coordinated team, we treat each other and the customers fairly

Look at our work

We use technologies

We provide custom and serial production of various kinds and types of steel constructions which are used mainly in the field of telecommunications. We are a good team and we work with modern technologies.

Cutting and dividing material
Burning laser


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