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We are looking for friendly, communicative colleagues with technical thinking and are not afraid to learn new things. If you are like this, contact us – you can become a member of our team, work in a great community, and have a long-term job for good money. You don’t have to have experience or years of practice, we value mainly a positive and loyal personality with technical thinking. We offer various benefits but the biggest one is that we care about our coworkers. We focus on making them satisfied.

Meet our team…

Petr, 42 years old

production manager

Petr is the founder of the company and production manager at the same time. He steers the steel on its way through production. He founded the company 15 years ago and he has used this time to get to know everything about the processes. If he doesn’t plan production, doesn’t look into business or new technologies, he spends time with his family, tennis and running.

Dominik, 34 years old

workshop manager

Dominik, the workshop manager, coordinates the most difficult technical processes in Steel and at the same time organizes work of the other colleagues. He knows all our technologies and is 100 % reliable. In his free time, he spends time with his family and likes playing hockey.

Ivan, 54 years old

master welder

Ivan is one of the pillars of the company. He has been welding steel for us for many years and he perfects every detail of every part. He is an experienced professional who has been in his field for his whole life. After work, he likes cycling or playing table tennis.

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