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If you find us appealing and you are interested in cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly answer all your inquiries. If you have chosen any of our products and you want us to prepare and offer for you, fill in our form and we will send you a price calculation the following day.

Suntel Steel, s.r.o.

Březnická 5602
760 01 Zlín
Czech Republic
IČ: 25598716
DIČ: CZ25598716
Bank account: 283981178/0300

Business and correspondence address

Tovární 402
763 16 Fryšták
Czech Republic

Production Manager

Petr Halaška
tel: 775 911 354

Secretariat and economic department

Erika Pavlíčková
tel: 722 014 552


Ing. Michal Ondráček
tel: 776 158 587


Pavel Buráň
tel: 773 771 082

Workshop Leader

Dominik Halaška
tel: 777 562 702
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